Forget about boring data analysis and reveal interesting side of Bundesliga

Football is an enormously fascinating and encouraging sport, thus there is no wonder why Germans, as well as the other nations of the Earth, do prefer it. Even if you are not a player or a fan, you must have heard about Bundesliga. Such well-reputed arrangements have already become the world-class championship, which attracts more and more spectators to keep an eye. So let’s try to examine this from a different angle, paying special attention to juicy stats facts.

The structure and the leaders of Bundesliga

This National German Football Championship was first held in 1963, though previously the tournament was set at the amateur level. It’s considered one of the strongest football leagues in the world. The mechanism of competing is simple – there are 18 clubs in the division, which fight for the Silver Cup (the highest award). By the way, the first winner was FC Cologne.
The whole sport league system consists of seven tournaments, of which only three are professionals: the First Division (with 18 clubs participating), the Second Division (with the other 18 clubs to take part) and the Third Division (with 20 clubs to be involved).
In Bundesliga there are two round-robin matches in the league with a total of 34 matches. At the end of every season, the clubs in 17th and 18th places leave the First Division and are replaced by the strongest teams of the Second one. The 16th place has a tie with the 3rd place of the 2nd Bundesliga. By the way, the down-hands leader is FC Bayern Munich, which almost stay as the permanent winner of the championship. Although FC Borussia Dortmund performed well in recent years, FC Bayern Munich is still supposed to be the main contenders for the title of champion. This is the one with the most titles in Germany, followed by two Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Monchengladbach.

TOP interesting facts to share about Bundesliga

However, it’s possible to find out many unusual things, which are the highlights of the tournaments, let’s consider stats patterns, like that:

  • Karl-Heinz Korbel (FC Eintracht Frankfurt) has played the most matches here – 603 matches (1972-1991);
  • The top scorer is considered to be Gerd Muller (FC Bayern Munich) with 365 goals on his account;
  • FC Bayern Munich have won the title in a very short time (that’s a record). They succeeded the 2013-14 season with seven games to go;
  • The same club has gained most wins in a row – 19 games (2013/14 season);
  • In addition, FC Bayern is the team that has played as more as possible games without defeat: 52 matches;
  • The highest score in a season belongs to the Bayern Club too (91 points);
  • Most of the victories also belong to Bayern – 29 matches;
  • The most prominent win in the championship took place in the 1977/78 season: then Borussia Monchengladbach won Borussia Dortmund with the score of 12:0.

Winning streak: Bayern and Borussia Mönchengladbach managed to achieve 3 titles in a row.
The smallest number of defeats is up to FC Bayern, which lost only 1 game in the 1986/1987 and 2012/2013 seasons.

The way to use this information

Stop waiting for nothing and start learning how to analyze the results. Bundesliga is the perfect chance not only to relax while watching football, but to practice how to predict the winner. If you study common patterns, like the interesting stats facts above, you will have the opportunity to get profit from betting, for instance. Nowadays gambling on sports may be a very lucrative and hazardous occupation, so there is no reason to waste the chance to benefit from your knowledge.