With love to football or Bundesliga in sport fanaticism

The discipline is more than a sport in Germany. The whole culture of fanaticism exists. Let’s dig into the case and discover how it appears and what is the role of Bundesliga in the process today.

Football fans are more than just fans

Football fans have existed in Germany for about a century. But not always this sport was honored. When the game reached Germany, many locals called it ‘English disease” and disrespected the sport. However, gradually more and more people started to spend their leisure playing football and after the First World War there was a real boom in fanaticism.
The popularity of the discipline grew and in 1963 Bundesliga as the epicenter of sport life was created. Thus there is no wonder why this league became the key point of the modern fan movement.
Nowadays, German fans try not to miss the matches of their favorite crews. They greet the team with songs and rhythmic applause, with shouts of joy.
The Germans are considered one of the sportiest nations and football is the number one here. They are really proud of their achievements and even feel obliged to support and cheer for both their favorite club and the national team.

Bundesliga is not just the league

As we have mentioned, it plays a special role in the national sport. None true fan will say that it’s just the place for setting and arranging matches, as the tournament seems to have become home for each spectator, player and coach. Visiting matches you can see how new talents grow up and how they create a new history of world sport.
The atmosphere of every match is so special, that it’s simply impossible to stay indifferent and not to get fascinated with the sport. There is no wonder why it is well-reputed all around the globe, as the championship is set at such a high level, that you can’t take your eyes off despite who you are and where you are from.

The leading football clubs to know

At the beginning, mind that Bundesliga is represented with the teams that take part in it. While considering the most popular ones, they are:

FC Bayern Munich

The history of FC Bayern Munich began in 1879, but the club itself was founded after many in 1900. During the history of the club, the Bavarians have won 63 titles, including:

  • 30 wins in the Bundesliga;
  • 20 Cups;
  • 7 Super Cups;
  • 6 Championships.

FC Borussia Dortmund

It was founded in 1909. The club was in crisis several times, but thanks to the coaches Ottmar Hitzfeld, Mattias Zammer and Jürgen Klopp, the club was able to come out big and win, which is why it exists to this day and has 18 titles to show, for instance:

  • 8 wins in the Bundesliga;
  • 4 Cups;
  • 6 Super Cups.

FC Hamburg

FC Hamburg is a professional football club based in the northern so-called German city. It was founded in 1887, but the players did not perform under its actual name until 1919.
Hamburg currently has 14 titles:

  • 6 wins in the Bundesliga;
  • 3 Cups;
  • 3 Super Cups;
  • etc.

FC Schalke 04.

FC Schalke 04 has been a football club since May 1904, but was initially called Westfalia Schalke. However, after winning the group tournament in 1923, the club became independent and the players gave it a new name, FC Schalke 04.
Among the main awards:

  • 7 wins in the Bundesliga;
  • 5 Cups;
  • 1 Super Cup;
  • 1 Championship.

So why is Bundesliga so significant for German fans?

The role of it in German football cannot be overemphasized because all of the most important events are held in its frame. It’s the place to unite everyone: players, spectators and just seekers for emotions.